Biblical Truths, End-Times Transference of Wealth

There has been a mis-interpreted, mis-informed and in some cases, yes even intentional mis-represented Biblical truth perpetrated by certain ministers of the “prosperity gospel” over the years.

This half-Truth flatly states and gives the impression (very conveniently), that in the “future” End-Times or End of Days, there is going to be (always “going to be”, hmm, like a rapture maybe?), a mass transfer of wealth to God’s Children.

According to this widely taught concept, everyone Biblical truths of God’s Children is going to receive a mass fortune because they are God’s kids and so deserve to receive all these Divinely negotiated funds. Suddenly, one day, they are going to walk up to their mail boxes and open an envelope with a whole lot of money suddenly inherited or dropped into their 2% interest bearing saving account. And oh yes, if you’ve never tithe before in your life…you are exempt from the blessings which you certainly should have received by now, should you have been tithing.

Then, in a twinkling of an eye, we will all be turned into millionaires; all of our troubles and woes will be over; and oh yes, the heathen will be so provoked to jealousy, that they will literally run into the Kingdom of God and get saved. Praise the Lord!

Sound too good to be true?

Well, as previously mentioned, it is a half-Truth. Let us examine these half truths and absolute truths from God’s Word in a several part series and see just what is God saying to us from His Word.

There IS a transfer of wealth taking place.

The “Financial Shift” has already happened. Were you a recipient of it? Did you get a “windfall” or catch an “overflow” of wealth?

Probably not. Well, you just may get it yet. Don’t give up. But let’s get better informed first, shall we?

There is nothing “across board” about this very much Biblically based teaching of the “transfer of the wealth.” There is no giant bucket of gold coins going to be dumped on the entirety of the Body of Christ.

God has a remnant.

He always has a remnant. He always will have a remnant. Just what is a remnant? It is what is “left-over” after a larger amount has been taken away or lost.

More specifically, a remnant is the Body of Believers who is still standing after the hardships, the losses, the doubts, the shakings and multiplied testings and tribulations. And especially those who have been shown and “proven” faithful in the handling of mammon and the finances which God did entrust into their hands.

It is those of you who have withstood the disciplines and purgings, the dying to flesh and have allowed “the old man” to be crucified. Obedience is the key to being a member of this elite army. This is the remnant.

So, if you qualify to all of the above, you have every right to expect a transfer of the wealth of the wicked which has been laid up for you His beloved Child – for the “re-distribution” into God’s Kingdom Agendas. Yes, I did say “re-distribution”.

In our next MHF e-letter, find out just when is the “End-Times” and what is meant by the term “re-distribution”. Is it coming in a future event? When does it start? Are we in it now? Be sure to read our next e-letter and find out the Truth about the “end-times” transfer of wealth.

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