Bumper Pool Tables

Guard Pool Tables are utilized for playing guard pool, a day to day diversion game played by two to four players. These tables are a portion of the size of a standard pool table and they are rectangular or octagonal in shape.

A guard pool table has just two pockets or openings where as a standard pool table holds around six openings. The table has 12 guards on the table and subsequently the name. Four of them are arranged close to the pocket with two each, at the outrageous finish of the table. The excess eight guards are arranged around the center part of the table. The guards go about as a safeguard system for the player while the rival attempts to bank the ball into the pocket. Guard pool table has five balls, red and white, for every player,

Guard Pool Tables are accessible in different sizes going from 48 creeps to 54 inches, the most ordinarily accessible size is 54 crawls by 30 inches. These tables are frequently produced using a mix of solids and facade, or from fine hardwood. The top playing surface is frequently covered with green felt texture over a wood or record base. Most guard pool tables have exquisitely cut legs, covers and base.Learn more about Pool Tables

The guard pool table fills in as an extraordinary substitute for a billiard table and can be obliged even in restricted space. They are accessible as multi-utilitarian guard pool tables that can be changed over into an eating table or card table. The tables show up with balls, brush, chalk and two prompts.

Today, the hardest and the most solid guard pool tables are made by Game Art. A few tables have leg levelers which empowers the player to change the range from 26 to 30 inches. Majestic Non-Record Guard Pool Table is viewed as the most reasonable one. You might need to pay something like $500 for a decent quality flexible guard pool table and for a multi-reason table the cost can go up to $2500.

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