Games – Pros and Cons of Playing Them Online

When internet started in 1960’s as a research project, no one expected it to be a huge success. One of the biggest benefits of internet is that internet has made it easy for people to play games from the convenience of their home. Online games have become the favorite¬† UFABET pastime of not only children but also adults. They also help in reducing stress from diverting attention from their problems. Even housewives love playing online games as they give them a break from their daily chores.

Even though there are several advantages of online games, you must understand that there are several disadvantages of playing cyber games. In this article, I have highlighted a few advantages and disadvantages of playing online.


You don’t need a partner

People, who are alone at home or office, can play online when they get bored. They don’t have to wait for a partner or a friend to come. All they need is a computer and an internet connection.


Studies have shown that when children play cyber games, their logical thinking improves and they are able to solve problems easily. Other psychological benefits of online games include improvement in decision-making skill, improved mental alertness and enhanced self-esteem. Also, people who play online games are known have a better vision test scores when compared to people who don’t play.

Improvement in technological skills

Today, most jobs require you to have some knowledge of computers. When you play online games you can improve your computer skills without putting in extra effort.


Limited interaction

Even though there are many games that you can play with your friends and family members, your communication with them is limited. When you play traditional games like football and tennis with your friends and family, your interaction with them is higher. Sitting in front of the computer can isolate you from your friends and family.

Violent environment

Some games that children play online can have violent themes like theft, war and road rage. When children are exposed to such extreme scenarios, they may start behaving aggressively towards others.

Health problems

People who sit in front of computer for hours can face health problems. When you play online games, you have limited movement which can make you obese. Also, playing violent games can increase the heart rate by more than 40 percent which can lead to heart attack.

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