How to Live in a Smart Home

A smart house is a space that is using technologies for automation systems. In a traditional building, individual systems are controlled independently and their parameters are not affecting each other. A building can be called intelligent when its control is one integrated system, and decisions are taken based on data.

In fact, no building is smart, but the way the systems are controlled and managed. Visit online for more details. Can you imagine how it would be to live in a house where all electrical and electronic equipment would be controlled by a simple push of a button, mobile phone or even on Internet? How it would be if in the morning, at 8:00 blinds rise, you are awakened by your favorite song, in the kitchen the coffee is ready and an intelligent remote offers you the morning news.

Living in the smart home means to share passion for refined, modern design and latest technology. A smart house ensures safety, full comfort, flexibility, harmony, reducing maintenance costs and electricity consumption. A simple automation kit for a flat consists of single doses, universal remote and PC interface. Via remote control can be commanded the other modules in the set as well as audio-video equipment. With a single keystroke can be executed a sequence of commands.

For example, light can be reduced up to a predetermined level after that start the TV, pass him in the audio/ video way and begin running a DVD movie player. The outlets can control both the appliances and the audio/ video system. Thus can be commanded coffee filter or washing machine. Depending on the light outside and the weather curtains automatically changes its position, natural ventilation is achieved by opening windows or using automatic air conditioning system.

According to experts, an intelligent home must ensure socially (by safety, security and flexible design space), environmental (water and energy consumption), as well as economically efficiency.

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